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If you want to target your market and audience, an e-brochure of your company or special product is necessary. Online E-brochure is the leaflet of your products to help you in communicating with global audience, and the volume of distribution is unlimited. If you create a downloadable e brochure, this will be more effective to keep your target audience.

Here you can use XFlip e brochure software to create a downloadable E-brochure, and this e publishing software also allows you to self publish your brochures to your websites without being programming skills.
Firstly, create a downloadable E-brochure.
If you don’t have any E-brochure content files, you can follow this article to create the E-brochure content as PDF file:
Then run the XFlip software, import the PDF file, Click the “Design” button to set a background theme for your e brochure, and don’t forget to set your company info from “Main Settings” on the left menu.

Click the “Publish” button on the top of XFlip software, publish as ZIP format, and name the file as e-brochure, click “Start” to convert.


After converting, click the “Open output folder”, you can find a file, you can also find this file from the save path. (Don’t close the software)
Secondly, upload the E-brochure on the website.
Open your FTP, log in. And then upload the zip file to the directory that you want to store. Of course, if you want your users download a PDF file, you can uplaod the PDF file in this step.
After uploading, get the URL of file.

Thirdly, create a downloadable online e-brochure.
Returns to the XFlip software publish interface, click the “Design” button on the top, then click the “Button Settings” on the left.
Click “OK” to save download settings. Click “publish” button to start publishing, choose publish as HTML, after publish, you can upload the whole file folder on your website. Then get the URL of the index.html file, now your readers can browse the
E-brochure through this URL.

Or you can also insert the HTML code to your website content,

Please replace the e-brochure/files/book.swf to your url of flipbook’s book.swf.
Now your readers can not only browse the E-brochure online, but also they can download your E-brochure to view offline.

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