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Traditional Gifts for Happy New Year

It is well known that the Spring Festival is the lunar New Year, which was the day to treat your friends, family and leaders with special presents. Traditionally, for the best wishes while embarking on a fresh new year, most gifts could be an auspicious symbol of abundance, harmony and luck. From ancient times to […]

Creative Photo Card Ideas for New Year

Winter holiday Spring Festival is coming, it always keeps so busy with parties and family gatherings that lots of people would never finish their holiday cards. So why not prepare and send your greeting cards in advance of New Year’s holiday? Photo cards that include a picture or pictures of family members are so commonplace […]

How to Create HTML5 Websites for Viewing on iPad

Creating Websites for mobile devices like iPad/iPhone would be a challenge but undoubtedly very interesting, particularly as you take the range of browsers and screen sizes available into account. As a matter of fact, the Apple iPad device is a simple platform to design for because of its standard screen resolution and use of the […]

Creative Ideas for Happy New Year Wishes

Traditionally, the new year has been celebrated by the most ancient of civilizations. You could also make family and friends have some special feelings at the beginning of the New Year with a gift or ideas especially for them. The growing number of people would make resolutions for the new year. Yet the fact remains […]