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Why Are People Using E-brochure

What is an E-brochure? E-brochure, a digital version of paper brochure, can be distributed, delivered, browsed via internet. It is a internet pamphlet of your products and services. You can create e brochure for your business, for a special event, or your organization. With e brochure, you can send information about your products and services, […]

3 Simple Steps to Select the Correct Digital Publishing Formats

Which of the format is the best digital publishing format? Theoretically, the ideal digital publishing format for your digital magazine is the one that serves your purpose best. Therefore, before committing yourself to a course of selecting one, it is most necessary to spend time on research to give you much more leverage to create […]

Top Free PDF Flash Page Flip Tools

Are you always searching for some free or cost-effective tools to convert PDF files to flash page flip in a more attractive and smooth format? Meanwhile, in some instances the flash file may compress and become smaller in size compared to the PDF files, especially in the case of a very large and long PDF […]

Convert Microsoft Word to Ebook

What is an Ebook? An Ebook (also called as electronic book, e-book, digital book, or even e-edition), is a publication consisting of text and images and readable on your computer,  tablets,  smart phones or special ebook readers. E-book Formats: If you want your e-book to be readable on different devices, you can publish it in […]

Create a e-Magazine in DVD Format for Offline View

What is present to most people that making an online magazine is a rewarding and problematic job. This is true to a point. The simplest part in making a magazine in DVD format is burning the completed, digital files on DVD. But you still need to do something else to make the process easier. In […]

Benefits of Online Product E-catalog

E-catalog is one of the new generation enterprise propaganda tool that collection of pictures, words, animation, video and other multimedia. It provides an unprecedented cheap, fast and maximum range of publicity for enterprise. Create an online product e-catalog is an efficiently way to present your products and services to the online audience, and expanding business […]