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Create and Decorate Digital Scrapbook Magazine Easily

When it comes to digital scrapbooking, perhaps you immediately think of using a computer and digital photo creating software to create digital scrapbook pages or even magazines. You can print these pages or save them online, and share them with friends and family members. Furthermore, creating your scrapbook magazines on a computer with xFlip digital […]

Get More Profits From Digital Online Newspaper than Printed Newspaper

What is online newspaper? “An online newspaper, also known as a web newspaper, is a newspaper that exists on the World Wide Web or Internet, either separately or as an online version of a printed periodical.” – Quote from wikipedia.   Well, With the development of high technology, more and more people can get information […]

Benefits of Creating HTML5 Files

Technology in the world of computers comes and goes and the only constant is change. The programmer, then, should bear in mind that consistency doesn’t imply rigidity, especially where specifications for hardware, software and programming languages evolve and expand quickly in response to support an entire publishing industry. HTML, the language that powers the web […]

Create and Design an Online Magazine for Kids

Independent magazines come and go, but the online magazine is always popular. Progressing Internet and the availability of desktop publishing software make it easy for almost anyone to make and publish a flash magazine. The fact remains that magazines mainly aimed at kids have been traditionally selling like hot cakes. Therefore, it’s critical to find […]

Add Downloadable E-brochure in Website

If you want to target your market and audience, an e-brochure of your company or special product is necessary. Online E-brochure is the leaflet of your products to help you in communicating with global audience, and the volume of distribution is unlimited. If you create a downloadable e brochure, this will be more effective to keep your […]

How to Increase Magazine Subscriptions Schemes

Magazines now make it possible to find and gather information about any subject that a reader can think of within a few minutes, ranging from scrapbooking to golf. For many readers, advanced booking their favorite magazines is essential to avoid missing an issue. For advertisers to be truly creative and considerate, the rate of subscription […]

Design and Customize Your Own Magazine Cover Freely

To an outsider it looks deceptively easy, but you’d better put many different thinking in the design of a magazine cover to let us think more but in a versatile way. However, creating a free magazine cover is seemingly simple with the Internet at your fingertips. A photo could be uploaded on to any magazine […]

Good Way to Create Online Digital Magazine

There are more and more people like to read online with the growing number of smartphones, tablets, and eReaders, so why limit your audience? Create online digital magazine that works for everyone, no matter what devices they prefer. The digital subscriptions are growing and more and more people are purchasing devices to read more content […]

Create and Print Happy New Year’s Greeting Cards 2013

The New Year is the time for family reunion and also a time to send greeting cards. And you could barely imagine before that making and printing your own New Year’s greeting cards is a simple afternoon craft you can put this task through on your laptop. Sending your friends and family members a homemade […]

What is E-Publishing, Advantages and Disadvantages?

E-Publishing, also called as Electronic Publishing or digital publishing, referring to a type of publishing that does not include printed books. E-publishing has become more and more common to distribute books, magazines, and newspapers to consumers through tablet reading devices. And electronic publications not only distributed via Internet such as online publishing or web publishing when in […]

Celebrate Chinese New Year with Anecdotes to Reserve Unforgettable Memory

Each year thousands of people all over the world celebrated this special day which is considered to be the most significant of ancient Chinese holidays, and somewhere the whole city was illuminated in celebration of the significant day. Right! The concept of celebrating Chinese New Year has rooted deeply in people’s mind. Meanwhile, the 15-day […]