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Merger Happy New Year Songs into one File

Happy New Year! Related blog: Tomorrow is the first day of 2013, how much songs are you preparing for this special day. If not yet, you can take a look at these 5 new year songs. Now this article will guide you how to merger this 5 new year songs into one file. Step […]

New Year Customs in Different Countries

2013 Lunar New Year is coming, we are used to blessing our families and friends. In the area we serve, there are different customs to celebrate New Year, so that people can have fun and enjoy the festival. Because the various countries locate the longitude positions are different, the various countries’ time is also different, […]

Make Happy New Year Greeting Cards eCard with Product Catalogs

Happy New Year Everyone! Do you have a online store or a website? Or do you own a blog? If you have your customers mail list, it is a good way to send greeting ecards for branding your website or sales. Create a greeting card that will make your client think of your business positively. […]

Creative and Funny Gifts Ideas for Christmas

The Christmas holiday is generally accompanied by extravagant foods, lush decorations, and heaps of gifts. While the cost of the gifts is rapidly escalated, and the potential “pay-off” for Christmas decorations was diminishing. So it’s necessary to find a way to salvage your bank account. However, you decide to buy gifts for reducing holiday costs […]

5 Traditional New Year Songs for New Year’s Eve

When the clock strikes midnite on New Year’s Eve, sing New Years Song with family and friends to remember the good memories is always a traditional celebrate way for us. Which songs are you singing? The following 5 New Year Songs are good for New Year’s Eve. 1. Auld Lang Syne – This New Year […]

Christmas Went into China’s Large Cities to Become Pop Culture

Christmas is a public holiday at lot of western countries, and of course, Christmas is also typically the largest annual economic stimulus in these countries. Sales will be dramatic growth in almost all retail areas, such as people purchase Christmas gifts, decorations, party supply ready for guests. Some stores took this opportunity to launch new […]

Design Online Business Christmas Cards for Your Sincere Customers

Nothing could be better than send online customized business Christmas cards for your clients if you are expected to reconnect with past clients and reach out to new ones. For companies, well-designed Christmas cards can be also used as business cards, which could not only give your customers and clients’ memory a jog about the […]

XFlip Will Release HTML5 Digital Publishing Software

Well, good news from XFlip software development engineer, XFlip will achieve the capabilities of Flash with HTML5, now the new version of XFlip still has some bugs, and need to constantly test to solve these problems. XFlip as a leading provider of digital publishing software, taking PDF newspapers, magazines, journals, catalogues, brochures, books and report […]

Creative Ideas for Making Christmas 3D Photo Greeting Cards

Is the worry of how to buy affordable Christmas gifts always hanging on your mind? It had to be admitted by all of us that it’s not easy to save cost around the Christmas holidays. Yet there is one easy and effective way to cut down cost and still show your love by sending holiday […]

How to convert PDF Magazine to Read on Double Page on iPad

Do you have problems when you read PDF magazine on your iPad. Well, someone said that he has a few PDF magazines, he can read them on double page, but when load on iPad, just can view in single page, he want to read these magazines on double pages on his iPad, what should he […]

Make a Stunning Christmas E-Card for Your Families and Friends

Do you find paper Christmas cards look quite interesting, but require great skill and a lot of hard work? In fact, you could take valuable time on shopping or entertaining rather do small or trivial tasks including the rolls of stamps, trips to the mailbox and writer’s cramp. The means of making and sending a […]

XFlip Digital Magazine Software at The Last Day of Cyber Monday Week Discount

What is your trophy during black Friday and Cyber Monday fiery shopping days? Have you already bought the items that you want at discout price? If not, don’t worry. As some stores will extend the discount period. Our XFlip software store also extend the promotion time. And today is the last day of this discount […]

Unknown Tips to Buy Christmas Gifts Online

Are you always fed up with standing in those long lines? Braving the snow on the cold winter may prompt to decide skipping gifts giving altogether. Don’ t fuss! This year you could make a drastic change by skipping it all and do your Christmas shopping the hassle with ease. Purchase your Christmas gifts on […]

About Best Christmas Presents for Your Beloved Ones

When it comes to the word Christmas, what this amounts to is presents. The people whether Christians or non-Christians keep the holiday, and give itself up to pleasure by gathering together and exchanging presents. Undeniably, exchanging gifts have become a value concept by modern people to show their gratitude. Therefore, Christmas presents today have become […]