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Create 3D Christmas Gallery with Page Flip Effect As Xmas Gifts for Friends and Families

Want to give friends or family members a special Christmas gift? How about create a 3D Christmas gallery from his/her favorite photos with Christmas theme and music, or make a Christmas flipbook with greeting cards? Now Follow me to create a 3D Christmas gallery by XFlip page flip software. First, make sure you have all of your photos and images available and ready for use. And make sure you have installed the XFlip software, if not, you can download XFlip here and install it. Second, double click the XFlip ico on your desktop after install the software, and then import all of your photos, after all photos imported, you can see all of your images are at the bottom of the working area. At this, you can drag the photos to sort. Thridly, Click the Setting button on the top menu, Set a backgound theme for your gallery.  Setting -> Advanced -> Background. And then click the Music button on the top of the interface to set Christmas background song. Finally, publish it to finish your page flip Christmas Gallery. After finish, you can email it to your friends or family members. Know more about how to email to others from here: […]

Merry Christmas 3D Flipbook Gallery from Images or Videos

Is the Halloween flip book supposed to be gifts that you felt most proud of? Have you ever thought that Halloween Flash magazine was your last one in the course of the year? Now we just wanted to surprise you with a Christmas edition as our gift to you this year! You’ll be amazed how […]

Hot Holiday Templates to Make Attractive Flipbook

A short while after this special Thanksgiving day, the thick festive atmosphere may not fade away completely and it often emerges in your mind: On the evening of the special day, you and your family may have worked like the devil and finally you found a bundle. This is an opportune moment to show a […]

Digital Magazine Software 40% Off for Black Friday & Cyber Monday Promotion

Today is Thanksgiving Day, what kind of gifts are you ready for friends and family? Don’t forget to say “Thank you” to the person who you’re grateful for. Hope everyone will have a good time on this day! Happy Thanksgiving Day! Thanks for all!   After Thanksgiving Day is Black Friday (November, 23) and Cyber […]

Benefits of Creating Flash Magazine from Thanksgiving Photos

Thanksgiving Day is a feature of American life. It’a time to join together in dinner and a prayer of gratitude for the new life. Actually, it’s more a matter of considering your blessings and things to appreciate about life. Then how to appreciate the friends and family around us at Thanksgiving Day. Show your appreciation […]