About us

XFlip is a leading provider of digital publishing software solutions that transform your static PDF documents into page turning digital publications and enhance it with interactivity. Unlike traditional printed publications, you can create flipping page digital publications in just a few minutes and add rich media objects to them. Our software application is trusted by publishers from all over the world.

Taking PDF newspapers, magazines, journals, catalogues, brochures, books and report online is our passion. Our products are designed to produce the best online reading experience; anywhere, anytime. That empowers you to produce and deliver an effective, robust marketing tool that’s proven to increase reach and readership, generate additional revenue and decrease the cost of print and distribution.

Our team
Our staff includes developers, product managers, technical support specialists, web-designers, sales staff to provide our customers with products and services of the highest quality, continually improving techniques and technologies we use.

We provide our customers with full and free after-sale service and support. Our specialists are always ready to answer all you questions and solve any problem you have. Feel free to contact us (support#xflip.com, replace # to @) to get qualified help of our support team.